Garfield Cat Nip Spray & Silver Vine Chews

Garfield Cat Nip Spray & Silver Vine Chews

  • $12.99

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Promote better dental health in your cat with Garfield Catnip Spray and Silver Vine Chews. These sticks offer a natural solution made with healthy ingredients. Your cat will love them, and you will love what it does for your kitty's dental health.

Features: Natural dental solution with no additives or preservatives 
Includes: 6 100% Silver Vine Dental Chews and Catnip oil spray
Intended Pet(s): Cat 
Product Weight: 0.28 lb
Product Dimensions: 2.5 in x 2.5 in 
Environment: Indoors

Do not exceed 30 minutes of use in one sitting. Allow 1 hour in between uses. Extreme usage may cause drooling, munchies and unexpected giggling.